Liste des publications 2015

Factors Affecting the Uptake of HIV Testing among Men : A Mixed-Methods Study In Rural Burkina Faso
De Allegri M, Agier I, Tiendrebeogo J, Louis VR, Yé M, Müller O, Sarker M. 2015. PLoS One, 10(7).

No clear effect of a national insecticide-treated bed net campaign on childhood mortality and malaria burden in a high transmission area of Burkina Faso.
Louis VR, Schoeps A, Tiendrebéogo J, Beiersmann C, Yé M, Damiba MR, Lu GY,Mbayiha AH, De Allegri M, Jahn A,Sié A, Becher H,Müller O. 2015.Bull WHO, 93(11)75.8.

Seasonal and temporal trends in all cause and malaria mortality in rural Burkina Faso, 1998-2007.
Otte im Kampe E, Müller O, Sié A, Becher H. 2015. Malar J, 78(1):106-113.

The impact of user fee removal on household out-of-pocket expenditures : evidence against the inverse equity hypothesis from a population-based study in Burkina Faso.
Ridde V, Agier I, Jahn A, Mueller O, Tiendrebéogo J, Yé M, De Allegri M. 2015. Eur J Health, 14:300.83

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